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THURSDAY, March 3, 2016 -- Children on medications for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may have lower bone density than their peers, a new U. These prescription medications included stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderall, and nonstimulants, like Strattera.

The researchers did account for some other factors that affect children's bone mass, such as age, sex and race. children use medication for ADHD, according to background notes with the study.

On average, bone mass was somewhat lower among kids who were on ADHD medications.

Overall, about one-quarter of kids on the medications had lower-than-normal bone density, Rivera said.

Experts said it's not clear that the medications themselves actually thin kids' bones, as the study only showed an association, and there could be other explanations for the connection.

"I'm in no way saying that kids shouldn't be on these medications," said Dr.